Ellen’s Blog

May 2017

We’ve Launched Our First Video On YouTube!!

TONEi is thrilled to announce that we’ve launched our very first video on our new YouTube channel!! This video discusses how to use our Gellen Hard Gel System while creating a sculptured French nail. Each step is demonstrated and explained in a clear, concise format from prepping the nail all the way through to applying the finishing coat. There’s even some tips and tricks along the way! Ellen is an award winning nail professional and the owner and educational director at The Ontario Nail and Esthetics Institute in the GTA. She is well versed in the industry and keeps up with nail trends.

Ellen offers a full range of courses through her school and has a store full of many products you’ll need to get you started with your esthetic career!

Visit https://toni.ca/ to learn more about Ellen, the TONEi classroom, her product line and more!

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April 2017

Come See Us At The ESI Show!

TONi will be at the ESI show April 30-May 1st at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. If you’ve never been to this exciting event drop your plans and come see what you’re missing!! There will be 500+ stands, over 175 companies, 65+ exhibitor classes and 7 featured speakers. Daniel Fricker (social media guru), Jayna Marie (professional makeup artist) & Lydia Gauthier (dermocosmetologist) just to name a few.  New and trending products will be launched by different companies and some will provide free treatments.  There are so many opportunities to learn and meet people in our industry. TONi will be at the Spavaro booth (#717) where attendees can use our free play station to test Gellen UV polish, hard gels, as well as Amore nail colours and glitters. We will also have teeth whitening services for $40 using the Smile FX system. Enjoy a whiter smile in just one treatment! If you’ve ever thought of becoming a nail technician or would like to take some of our esthetic courses we will be more than happy to discuss what our school has to offer!

If you mention that you saw our Facebook post about the show you’ll receive a free sample of Toni Build and one of our new Gellen purple spongies!

We are thrilled to be a part of the ESI show for 2017 and hope that you’ll stop by and say hi!


October 2016

CNTC First Live Nail Competition

The season is changing and so are we! New items, awesome sales, new staff! Some pretty incredible things are coming!

TONEi will be at this year’s CNTC networking event showcasing our new Gellen Line, Amore, E-flies and bits, as well as other assorted nail art essentials. Make sure to look out for your complimentary product and coupon in our signature purple organza pouches within the very generous CNTC goody bags that are given out to all attendees.

The CNTC is also having its first live nail competition at the London event. Ellen has been asked to judge and we would love ‎to see some of our TONEI grads compete!

CNTC event will be held Sunday November 13th, further information included here: CNTC Nail Compitition! Please follow the link at the end of this email to find complete details about this great event and how to register to save your spot! Register for CNTC here: www.thecntc.ca

November 2015

Fall 2015 Trends

As winter quickly approaches, it’s not too late to talk about fall nail trends.

Dark colours are back after the spring trend of nude, nude and more nude nails!  The almond, pointed and coffin shapes are still popular.  On the runways nail art designs feature geometric shapes, negative space art and simple embellishments.  Light metallic colours are also very popular.

February 2014

Winter Nail Trends 2016/2017

Since nail art has gone crazy and is now the focus of our fashion, where do we go from here??  With nails now anything it goes it seems from different colours on each nail or different designs on each nail with a common theme colour; but spring 2014 nail trends shows short classy French manicures with a twist.  Forget pink and white with horizontal lines, this year it is custom made colours, diagonal lines and nails with texture.  Yes texture, anything and everything adhered to the nails to add texture, colour and to finish the design.

September 2013

January 2013

Do UV lamps cause cancer??

THere has been much talk about UV nail lamps causing cancer.  This is completely inaccurate and when asked you should tell the client that “if you never plan to sit outside again and enjoy a cold beverage on a sunny day, then for sure never get gel nails done again!”

The fact is that clients get more exposure to UV radiation when outside for 20 minutes than they will from putting their hands in a gel lamp once or twice a month.  To read more scientific facts on this subject, check out the following link:  www.schoonscientific.com/downloads/UV-Nail-Lamp-Facts.pdf

March 2012

Do I invest in Gel polish?

We all know the latest trend is gel polish, and it seems like there are 100 hundreds to choose from.  Many clients are probably asking for “shellac nails”.  What do you do?

If you don’t already have a gel polish line, it is a big investment  to consider.  The first thing you must realize is that these products are not polish but gel.  They must be treated like an artificial nail.  Unfortunately they are marketed that they are safer and healthier for the nail than gel nails.  This is false!

The only client that in my opinion is right for the gel polish application is the manicure client who needs a solid two week chip proof polish.  The reason why is because she can remove fairly easily at home by herself.  However, if your client is willing to make the time and financial commitment to artificial nails then I suggest a hard gel.  If you like the colours that gel polish has to offer or you like the application style of gel polish, then I encourage you to file it off and or fill it by buffing it down and re-applying, not by soaking.  Soaking off product is not good for the skin or nails.

So if you haven’t already purchased a gel polish line, don’t go and buy every colour, and don’t bother buying the “bonding” agent, it is simply an alcohol solution like prep and post.  Also you probably don’t need to buy every base and top coat with each line if you want to buy colours from different gel polish lines you can use the base and top interchangeably, I have tested a few.

Nail Myth #1 (written by Doug Schoon)

Our nails need to breath
They absolutely do not! Nails do not have the capacity to absorb air into the nail plate. Nails are made up of keratin, a protein made up of dead cells, which is also the same protein that is found in our hair. The oxygen that is required by the nail is located underneath the nail plate in the matrix. Our bloodstream provides the matrix with the oxygen needed to allow our nails to grow or develop a new nail plate when required.