Do I invest in Gel polish?

Do I invest in Gel polish?

We all know the latest trend is gel polish, and it seems like there are 100 hundreds to choose from.  Many clients are probably asking for “shellac nails”.  What do you do?

If you don’t already have a gel polish line, it is a big investment  to consider.  The first thing you must realize is that these products are not polish but gel.  They must be treated like an artificial nail.  Unfortunately they are marketed that they are safer and healthier for the nail than gel nails.  This is false!

The only client that in my opinion is right for the gel polish application is the manicure client who needs a solid two week chip proof polish.  The reason why is because she can remove fairly easily at home by herself.  However, if your client is willing to make the time and financial commitment to artificial nails then I suggest a hard gel.  If you like the colours that gel polish has to offer or you like the application style of gel polish, then I encourage you to file it off and or fill it by buffing it down and re-applying, not by soaking.  Soaking off product is not good for the skin or nails.

So if you haven’t already purchased a gel polish line, don’t go and buy every colour, and don’t bother buying the “bonding” agent, it is simply an alcohol solution like prep and post.  Also you probably don’t need to buy every base and top coat with each line if you want to buy colours from different gel polish lines you can use the base and top interchangeably, I have tested a few.

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