CNTC First Live Nail Competition

CNTC First Live Nail Competition

The season is changing and so are we! New items, awesome sales, new staff! Some pretty incredible things are coming!

TONEi will be at this year’s CNTC networking event showcasing our new Gellen Line, Amore, E-flies and bits, as well as other assorted nail art essentials. Make sure to look out for your complimentary product and coupon in our signature purple organza pouches within the very generous CNTC goody bags that are given out to all attendees.

The CNTC is also having its first live nail competition at the London event. Ellen has been asked to judge and we would love ‎to see some of our TONEI grads compete!

CNTC event will be held Sunday November 13th, further information included here: CNTC Nail Compitition! Please follow the link at the end of this email to find complete details about this great event and how to register to save your spot! Register for CNTC here:

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