Industry Hype

Industry Hype

What about the downfalls of gel polish?  Seasoned, well-educated Nail Professionals say that you shouldn’t have nails on and off more than 3 times per year.

Many manufacturers are marketing these “gel polishes” as polish but make no mistake – they are gel!  If it requires a UV light, it’s gel (only with more solvents so that they can be spread on easier and removed with acetone).  You don’t want to expose the natural nail and surrounding tissue any more than necessary, it’s terribly drying!

This application is much less intimidating than pot gel but it is also much more expensive and there is more waste.  You can remove a coloured gel more quickly and with less mess than pads and acetone.  For example; TONi’s coloured pot gel stayed on much better for an overlay than Shellac, Gellish, and Gelavish (we tested them!).

A little knowledge can save your client’s nails, and your bottom line.

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