Workshop Descriptions

Theory 1 – Introduction to Nail Technology

Topics include: becoming a professional nail technician, nail anatomy, diseases and disorders, sanitation.

Theory 2 – Nail Product Chemistry & Salon Health and Safety

Understand how nail enhancements are applied, what makes them work and the differences between nail systems as well as working with them safely in the salon.  Prerequisite: Theory 1

Theory 3 – Salon Management & Marketing

Students will learn how to work in a salon environment along with record keeping, operating their own business, government requirements, marketing their salon and services, client development, service pricing and retailing.

Manicure 1 – Manicure & the Natural Nail

Proper wet manicure and polishing procedure is studied and performed along with the importance of natural nail health, in addition to product knowledge, client consultation and home care.

Prerequisite: Theory 1 Note: Model required

Manicure 2 – Dry Manicure

Students will learn and perform dry manicure procedure and focus on massage techniques and polish perfection.

Prerequisite Manicure 1 Note: Model required

 Manicure 3 – Manicure & Paraffin

Students will perform full manicure procedure reviewing massage and will learn how to give paraffin treatments.  They will learn French polish application.

Prerequisite Manicure 1 & 2 Note: Model required

Manicure 4 – Spa Manicure

Students will learn about add-on treatments and will perform a spa manicure with exfoliants and     masks.  Polish application will be perfected.

Prerequisite Manicure 1-3 Note: Model required

Manicure 5

Students will perform a full spa manicure on a client and will be observed for grading.

Prerequisite Manicure 1-4 Note: Model required

Pedicure 1

Students will learn and perform basic pedicure techniques with focus on callous & cuticle work along with toenail polishing.  They will review disease identification and prevention related to the foot.

Prerequisite Manicure 1-4 Note: Model required

Pedicure 2

Students will review basic pedicure procedure with the focus on massage and polish application.  They will also learn about corn removal and how to deal with ingrown toenails.  Students will also learn how to consult pedicure clients and provide them with special treatments.

Prerequisite Pedicure 1 Note: Model required

Pedicure 3

Students will review pedicure procedures and will perform paraffin wax on the feet along with French polish application.

Prerequisite Pedicure 1& 2 Note: Model required

Pedicure 4 – Spa Pedicure

Students will learn about pedicure add-on services.  They will cover spa pedicures and will perform a complete spa pedicure service including scrub and mask.

Prerequisite Pedicure 1-3 Note: Model required

Pedicure 5

Students will perform their own aromatherapy “theme” pedicure and be observed for grading.

Prerequisite Pedicure 1-4 Note: Model required


Nail Tips & Preparation

Students will learn how to prepare the natural nail for enhancements, form application theory and about the various kinds of nail tips used for extension purposes, temporary sets of nails, how tips fit and bond to the nail, how to make tip corrections, as well as blending for clarity.  During this workshop you will fit, apply and blend a full set of tips and learn how to remove them.

Prerequisite Manicure Note: Model required


Fiber/Silk 1 – Nail Tips with Fiber Overlay

Students will learn about the fiber glass and silk wrap system and how to apply it over tips.  They will learn perimeter shaping and will be shown a demonstration of the system.

Prerequisite Nail Tips & Preparation Note: Model required

Fiber/Silk 2 – Fiber/Silk Fills

Students will be introduced to artificial nail maintenance, when it is required and the steps to doing so.  They will also learn how to fill the fiber/silk nails applied in Fiber/Silk 1

Prerequisite Fiber/silk 1 Note: Model required


Acrylic 1 – Introduction to Liquid/Powder

Students learn how to mix liquid monomer with polymer powders, the proper liquid/powder ratio and will practice picking up and placing acrylic balls on practice paper and practice fingers.  Students will also learn about nail forms, the different kinds of forms and will practice how to apply forms.

Prerequisite Manicure, Nail Tips & Preparation

 Acrylic 2 – French Tips with Liquid/Powder Overlay

Students will apply French tips, and apply liquid/powder over the tips.  They will learn theory of shaping and finishing and apply this on the nails applied during class.

Prerequisite Acrylic 1 Note: Model required

Acrylic 3 – Sculpted Pink & Whites

Students will apply a full set of sculpted French pink and white acrylic extensions on a model.

Prerequisite Acrylic 1&2 Note: Model required

Acrylic 4 – Clear Liquid/Powder Fill

Students will learn the importance and procedure of nail fills and maintenance.  They will perform a clear liquid/powder fill on the nails applied in Acrylic 2.

Prerequisite Acrylic 1-3 Note: Model required

Acrylic 5 – Liquid/Powder French Fill

Students will learn how to maintain that permanent French look while sculpting liquid/powder.  They will learn how to eliminate seams and lift lines without using nippers.  They will also perform a French fill on their model from Acrylic 3 and learn to buff nails to a high shine.

Prerequisite Acrylic 1-4 Note: Model required


UV Gel 1 – Introduction to UV Gels

Students will learn the different gel components and when to use them.  They will also learn about UV lamps and gel brushes.  Students will practice picking up and manipulating the gel, learn how to do a gel overlay on a natural nail in theory and practice.  Students will learn how to apply gell polish with the gellin product.

Prerequisite Manicure, Nail Tips & Preparation

UV Gel 2 – Tips with Gel Overlay

Students will apply a full set of natural tips, blend for clarity and then a gel overlay on a model of their choice.

Prerequisite UV Gel 1                           Note: Model Required

UV Gel 3 – Sculpted French Gel

Students will learn how to remove gel nails as well as how to sculpt a new set using French white gel for the nail extensions instead of tips.

Prerequisite UV Gel 1 & 2                    Note: Model Required

UV Gel 4 – Clear Gel Backfill

Students will perform a clear backfill on their model from UV Gel 2.  They will learn how to eliminate lift lines and rebalance the gel application, review surface shaping and how to polish on top of the gel surface.

Prerequisite UV Gel 1-3 Note:  Model required

UV Gel 5 – French Gel Fill

Students will learn how to maintain the permanent French manicure using white gel while performing a nail fill.  They will remove lifting, rebalance the gel and recreate perfect smile lines

Prerequisite UV Gel 1-4                       Note: Model Required


UV Gel 6 – Gel Toes

Students will learn how to apply french and coloured gel to the toenails in theory and practice.

Prerequisite Pedicure module & UV Gel 1-5          Note:  Model required


Machine  – Electric Filing the Safe Way

Students will learn the theory behind electric files, how they are used, what the different bits are and when they are used, what to look for when purchasing a machine, electric file maintenance along with hands on introduction to electric file use with nail enhancements.

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