Facials & Skin Care

Note: Models required (students will work on each other where possible)

Students will be expected to wear a smock, scrub pants, & soft soled shoes.


Skin Care Basics

Students will cover the history and career opportunities within the esthetic field.  We will outline the esthetic professional image and client communication as well as in depth theory of sanitation, infection control, diseases and disorders of the skin, general anatomy, physiology of the skin, muscular system and how to treat the skin and help it achieve its healthy condition.  In addition you will learn about the nervous system which essential to performing treatments.   Due to the intense theory covered this is a pre-requisite to all other skin care classes.

Duration: 5 classes or approx. 20 hours

Course fee: includes classroom materials

Textbook additional $195.00


Facial Products

Students will be taught skin care product composition, nutrition of the skin, skin health.  Students will learn about mature skin and hormonal effects along with the damaging potential of the sun.  Students will learn and perform skin type and analysis versus condition and contra indications

Duration: 5 classes or approx. 20 hours


Facial Application

Students will learn &perform customer draping technique in addition to treatment room preparation. Students will learn customer record keeping, basic chemistry and electricity as they are applied in this industry, how to use facial machines and how they assist with product penetration to the dermis level achieving maximum results. Students will learn and perform a basic facial learning the proper cleansing techniques.

Duration: 4 classes or approx. 18 hours


Facial Treatments

Students will learn lymphatic drainage massage, the use of facial machines along with all types of facial masks performed in a spa setting.  Students will study in depth product knowledge about the advanced skin care line of products we will use in class from formulation, application, features and benefits along with client recommendations.

Duration: 5 classes or approx. 20 hours


Advanced Facial Care

Students will learn advanced facial treatments including hydrating, anti-aging, desensitizing, and regenerating along with other highly active therapies for those clients seeking more than a regular facial in addition to treating problematic & acneic skin. They will study advanced cleansing techniques, review facial massage techniques and perform extractions. Students will learn the benefits and hands on application of enzymatic peels, glycolic and other specialized mask applications. They will be able to identify the different effects that these treatments have on the skin and will learn how and when to recommend each of these services and combinations there of to clients.  Students will acquire troubleshooting techniques to help alleviate skin reactions and will be educated in the retail aspect of skin care products.  Students will learn the proper timing and pricing of advanced treatments and retail as it applies to the industry.

Duration: 5 classes or approx. 22 hours

Prerequisite facial certificate or equivalent


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