The Ontario Nail Institute named in the “TOP 10 schools in North America that rock” according to Nails Magazine

“My experience at the Ontario Nail Institute was very positive from the first phone call to request information and continued throughout my training and certification. As an RMT
I have taken many courses and was very impressed with the organization of the course, the thorough nature of the content and attention to detail. The teachers were very patient and professional, combining years of experience with a passion for the industry.  I feel the Ontario Nail Institute has set a very high standard for training and support of nail technicians. They continue to explore new products and techniques that are coming to the forefront in this industry and their graduates benefit from this dedication greatly.”  Sarah Sparks, graduate of TONi’s Nail Technology Program.

“I currently have taken the TONi Educator course. I found Ellen’s teachings to be very valuable to assist me in my own business practice. I am very impressed with how Ellen delivers this education and the patience she has with her students. I highly recommend any of the TONi classes, from beginner to advanced. I only wish this kind of education had been available to me when I started over 10 years ago. Living in the Brampton area (so close to Toronto), you would think that education would be plentiful. However, this is not the case. I feel the drive to Kitchener was well worth it. I feel you will not find this level of education and dedication to the nail industry anywhere else in Ontario.”  Amanda Schison, Outerimages Salon and Spa, Brampton, Ontario, on TONi’s Educator Program.

“I just wanted to thank you and Terry for the excellent education I received at The Ontario Nail Institute. It was great taking the Nail Tech course. Thanks again for leading me into my new career. I havve never been so happy in my life! I want everyone to know how great the educational experience is at your facility.”  Nancy Tikkanen, Graduate of TONi’s Nail Enhancement Program.

“Taking the educator program at TONi has been the best step for my business. I teach the high standard that I share with TONi and get exactly what I want for an employee. Teaching the students, I get a firsthand look at my class and I get first pick of potential employees. I hired 4 of my students, and I have a great backup if my technicians are ever sick. The standard to which TONi teaches is exactly what I wanted. They are professional, knowledgeable, and have great product and customer service!” Mindy Biggar, Certified Educator.

“I’ve taken a couple of courses at TONi, starting with the nail program. For the first time in my life I absolutely LOVED going to school. I’ve tried numerous things in a rush to grow up and start a career with no luck. Now I have found something I genuinely love to do, and there is no way I would feel this way without having Ellen as my teacher. It was so refreshing to have an instructor who was so passionate about what she is teaching, and feeling like you are the only one in the classroom. Ellen really made an effort for one on one attention which benefited me so much, I’m sure the rest of my class feels the same way. I’ll never be able to thank you enough Ellen for helping me love what i do and get excited to go to work!!! I wouldn’t be where I am without you!”  Rachael Brown, 2009 Graduate

“I have recently taken the Nail Enhancement course with Ellen. Ellen is a great teacher, she has a lot of patience with her students and passion for her career. She not only was able to answer any questions through the course duration, but also is a helpful hand with any questions i have now in the work field. She has recommended many opportunities for me that have proven to be successful. I thank Ellen for being a great influence in my career choice. I would recommend anyone interested in Nail Enhancement young and old to see Ellen, you wont be disappointed!” Erika Pasher

“Three years ago I reached a cross roads where as a stay at home mother of three I saw all my children in school full time which opened up a new chapter for me.  So once the children were in school, I began looking around for something new.  I soon noticed various women with beautiful nails and after talking to them about their nails and how much they loved getting them done, I thought this would be a good business to get into because the demand was high but the supply of good nail technicians that were well trained was low.  I soon discovered The Ontario Nail Institute and it’s second to none class instruction and hands on expertise provided by Ellen Flood, the owner and highly experienced instructor.  Ellen gave me the mentoring I needed to learn the art of nail enhancements and in a short period of time I was able to see my education at The Ontario Nail Institute pay off, as I started to earn an income.  Now 2½ years later I am a successful nail technician who not only earns a modest income but loves the work she does.” Paula Martin